About the Team

The Boston Renegades surround Head Coach John Johnson as he hoists the Women's Football Alliance National Championship trophy. July 28, 2018. ©2018 Mike Fender/USA Football

Our Story

The Boston Renegades are the premier women’s tackle football team in New England and the defending Pro Division Champions of the Women’s Football Alliance (WFA). Bringing together the legacies of former local teams, including the Boston Militia, New England Intensity, Bay State Warriors, Boston Rampage, and Massachusetts Mutiny, the Renegades continue the rich history of women’s football in Boston, which includes eight national titles. The Renegades incorporated in 2015 under the leadership of former players, Molly Goodwin, Mia Brickhouse, and Erin Baumgartner.

The team is comprised of some of the best athletes in New England and the world. Off the field, our players are educators, entrepreneurs, athletic trainers, public safety officers, business owners, and more.

The Boston Renegades are currently owned by former player Molly Goodwin, and operated in partnership with local business professional Michelle McDonough. Our management team is boosted by the expertise of former NFL players and coaches, skilled medical professionals, and a small army of dedicated volunteers.

The Renegades play at Harry della Russo Stadium in Revere, MA.