Get Involved

Have you ever wanted to get involved with women’s tackle football in Boston? Want to try out? Are you interested in helping out on gamedays, or behind the scenes? Do you know someone we should talk to about in-kind donations? Please let us know! There are lots of ways you can help; here are some of them.

Our #1 Greatest Need Right Now…

…is cash donations. Money isn’t easy to ask for, and we wish we didn’t have to. But football is an expensive game to play. Renting practice facilities and securing our home playing field are a couple of our biggest expenses before we even play a game. And once the season starts, travel and lodging expenses add up quickly.

  • If you have already donated, thank you so very much! You’re literally making this season possible.
  • If you haven’t donated yet, please do so now – we’d truly appreciate it.
  • If you own or direct a business, please consider becoming an official sponsor of the Boston Renegades.
  • Also, this: If you HAVE already donated — or if you’re not able to right now — please consider sending an email or making a post on Facebook about the Boston Renegades with a link to Tell your own friends & family why women’s football is important to you, and how much it means for this championship team to stay strong. With your help, we can reach way more people than we could by ourselves, and it won’t cost you a thing.

Volunteering / In-kind Donations

Since we are operating on such a tight budget, we are also looking for reliable folks who want to help out. We need volunteers on game days for things like setting up concessions and merchandise tables, hanging signage, running the ticket booth and servicing ticket holders, on-field assistance with footballs, chains, and water, and loads more. If you are interested in helping out the Renegades, fill out this form. Be sure to mention any specific skills or equipment you’ve got!

As for in-kind donations, do you know anyone who may be able to supply us with any of the following things?

  • Commercial printing (for program books, tickets, flyers, etc.)
  • Post-game pizza for both teams at home games
  • Teleportation devices (hey, it’s worth a shot. Have you seen how far we have to travel to away games?)

If you’re interested in volunteering or can provide leads for in-kind donations, please use our contact page to let us know. Thank you so much!