All-American Offensive Guard Jessica Cabrera (#54) defends All-American Quarterback Allison Cahill (#7) as she rears back to pass to All-American Tight End Emily Weinberg (#85). (Photo courtesy Barry Millman, Threepairs Photography)

Twelve Renegades Selected as 2015 WFA All-Americans

June 23, 2015

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Women’s Football Alliance Announces All-Americans; Boston Renegades Top League with Twelve Selections

BOSTON – Wednesday, June 23, 2015 – Twelve players from the Boston Renegades have been recognized as All-Americans by the Women’s Football Alliance (WFA). The Renegades top the league with the most All-American selections of any team in 2015.

“It’s great [for our players] to receive this kind of recognition,” said Renegades Head Coach Don Williams. “But they know that when the ball is snapped, there are always ten other teammates on the field factoring into their success,” he continued. “Individual awards are great in that they show everyone is doing their jobs.”

The players have been invited to represent the league’s National Conference at the WFA All-American Game on Saturday, August 8, 2015 at Southwest College Stadium in Los Angeles, Calif., in advance of the league’s championship game.

On June 27, the Renegades will host a divisional playoff game against the West Michigan Mayhem at Dilboy Stadium in Somerville, Mass. Should they win, they will also host a regional finals match on July 11 against either the Cleveland Fusion or Chicago Force.

Boston Renegades First Team All-Americans

Allison Cahill, quarterback, 5-time WFA All-American
Amanda Alpert, center, 5-time WFA All-American
Jessica Cabrera, offensive guard, 1st WFA All-American
Asia Asantè, halfback, 2-time WFA All-American
Adrienne Smith, wide receiver, 3-time WFA All-American
Emily Weinberg, tight end, 1st WFA All-American
Noriko Kokura, defensive end, 1st WFA All-American
Jessica Penta, linebacker, 2-time WFA All-American
Chanté Bonds, safety, 2-time WFA All-American

Boston Renegades Second Team All-Americans

Steph Jeffers, offensive tackle, 5-time WFA All-American
Vicky Eddy, linebacker, 2-time WFA All-American
Jen Dulski, linebacker, 1st WFA All-American

The title All-American is used by the WFA to represent the best players at all positions from all teams in the league. The selections are determined by statistical criteria and a poll of head coaches from the league’s 40 teams. The complete All-American team rosters for the league’s two conferences were announced by the WFA on June 12.