Women Supporting Women in Male-Dominated Industries

March 21, 2024

Picture a hard-hitting, competitive tackle football game. Now, envision a boardroom filled with technology executives. Chances are the individuals in both of these vignettes in your mind were mostly—if not all—men, as those who identify as male have predominantly occupied these spaces.

3 Media Web and the Boston Renegades are here to challenge and change that mindset. As women-owned businesses, these two organizations demonstrate their strength, vision, and tenacity to the game and the business world.

Working together and changing the playing field

The Boston Renegades, the country’s premier women’s tackle football team, are carving out their place in history in a city no stranger to champions. As the reigning five-time Pro Division Champions of the Women’s Football Alliance (WFA), the team is dedicated to elevating their sport and team visibility. As part of that initiative, the Renegades have partnered with digital agency 3 Media Web to enhance the fan experience.

“We’ve been thrilled with the improvements that  3 Media Web has made to our website and digital platforms, including search engine optimization and content strategy. These enhancements have led to increased fan engagement and an improved overall fan experience,” said Boston Renegades Owner and CEO Molly Goodwin.  “We’re excited about our partnership with Jess Hennessey and the 3 Media team. Women entrepreneurs increasingly support one another, and this collaboration has significantly impacted our economic growth and innovation.”

The cultural impact of being a women-owned enterprise

Committed to helping other women, it was a natural collaboration for 3 Media Web to partner with the Renegades. The values, not to mention the skills and aptitude, of the award-winning agency are evident. A recent employee survey uncovered female ownership’s overwhelming positive impact on employees and clients.

One employee said, “Having women in leadership significantly enriches company culture by fostering diversity, inclusivity, and a more comprehensive approach to problem-solving.” Another stated, “Their focus on employee well-being leads to higher engagement, productivity, and retention.”

“Women in sports and women in technology share similar struggles in parity, equity, and inclusion,” shares Jess Hennessey, CEO of 3 Media Web. “An important step in leveling the field and securing access to the same opportunities, rights, and rewards is women coming together to build each other up and offer professional, financial, and emotional backing.”

This Women’s Month, let’s cheer on the women working together and bringing more visibility to the companies, campaigns, and causes they champion. Here’s to the women doing the hard work and everyone who supports them.

Catch an upcoming Renegades game (https://www.bostonrenegadesfootball.org/) and learn about team sponsors (https://www.bostonrenegadesfootball.org/contact-us-sponsorships/). If your organization needs to up its digital marketing game, get in touch (https://www.3mediaweb.com/contact/) with the folks at 3 Media Web.