Vernon Crawford Headshot

Vernon Crawford is a longtime Boston Women’s Football coach. He was Defensive Coordinator for the entire history of the Boston Militia (2008-2014) before joining the Renegades coaching staff in 2016. He helped bring six national championships to the program, and became a member of Boston Women’s Football’s 100 Club in the 2021 season opener, a 62-0 victory over the Detroit Dark Angels.

Crawford is a former linebacker and special teams player for the New England Patriots. After attending Florida State where he was a standout on special teams, Crawford was drafted by the Patriots in 1997. He was named to the NFL All Rookie Special Teams Honorable Mention list that season. Vernon spent three seasons with New England and finished his playing career as a member of the Green Bay Packers.

Since retiring as a player, Vern has amassed extensive experience coaching all phases of the game at the high school and college levels. He was head coach of the Seekonk (Mass.) High School football team and now also coaches at St. Raphael Academy in Rhode Island. Previously, he coached at Curry College and Randolph High School. Crawford also operates the Just D1fferent Academy.

Vernon Crawford resides in Attleboro, Mass., with his wife Tuere and their three kids.


Boston Renegades coach (2016– )
Boston Militia coach (2008–2014)