Boston Renegades shut out Detroit Dark Angels 62-0
Amidst a gang of tacklers, Boston Renegades Hannah Jennings #46 and Ashley Trombley #67 force a fumble by Clarissa Tullis #38 of the Detroit Dark Angels on May 8, 2021. ©Mitzi Velez Lorenzana

Renegades Motor Past Detroit 62-0

May 8, 2021

May 8, 2021

REVERE, MASS. — Allison Cahill threw five touchdown passes and Chanté Bonds rushed for three scores as the Boston Renegades dominated the Detroit Dark Angels to post a 62-0 victory in their 2021 season opener and first game back since the coronavirus pandemic suspended play for nearly two years.

Boston drove 59 yards on six plays on the opening possession. After moving the ball into the red zone on three Cahill completions, Bonds crossed the goal line for the first of her three rushing touchdowns. Rookie Vanessa Aukshunas successfully kicked the extra point attempt to put the Renegades ahead 7-0. She would finish the game 5-for-5 on PATs with four kickoffs for 177 yards.

Boston’s offensive attack was relentless as the Renegades rolled up 458 total yards and 22 first downs. Wide Receiver Adrienne Smith twice hit pay dirt, first on a 57-yard reception in the first quarter, and a 16-yard catch in the second. Stephanie Pascual led the team with six catches while also notching a rushing touchdown. Veteran playmakers Emily Beinecke and Kathryn Tylander also collected touchdown receptions from Cahill, who finished with a perfect Quarterback Rating for the second time in her career (New York Wolves, 4/13/2019).

Rookie Mariette Martinez scored her first career touchdown on a 46-yard pass from Cahill near the end of the third quarter. It was also her first career reception. Sharing kicking duties with Auskunas, Martinez followed up her touchdown by booting the extra point. That capped Boston’s avalanche of offense and the final score was 62-0. Martinez was 3-for-4 on PATs with six kickoffs for 240 yards.

“Both vets and rookies alike made huge contributions in this win,” says Wide Receivers Coach Andrew Brown. “Everyone on the team has worked hard all pre-season and it paid off.”

The game marked a milestone for Brown who was given his first opportunity to call the offense. He credited Offensive Coordinator/Assistant Head Coach Vernon Crawford and the players.

“Coach Crawford had brought up the idea of continuing to progress in my journey as a coach,” Brown explained. “And I’m fortunate enough that the players trusted me to be involved in the offense that much.”

Perhaps more relentless than Boston’s offense was its defense, which limited the Detroit to seven total yards and zero first downs while gaining 5 turnovers. Defensive End Danielle Fournier collected three tackles and three sacks, and forced a fumble which she also recovered. Laura Pula and Christina Riggieri also recovered fumbles. Rookie Kyshani Dummott recovered a muffed kick return. Also collecting sacks were Allie Genereux and Erin Diette. In the secondary, Shannon Singletary and Charlene Casey each knocked down a pass attempt, and Tee Creech grabbed the game’s only interception.

Boston will next face the D.C. Divas in Revere on Saturday, May 15. The Renegades seek their third consecutive national championship.

Lauren Yung, Kyshani Dummott, and Sami Bloom of the Boston Renegades 62-0
Kyshani Dummott #4 of the Boston Renegades recovers a muffed kick return in a game against the Detroit Dark Angels on 5/8/2021. ©Mitzi Velez Lorenzana

Box Score

Harry della Russo Stadium, Revere, Mass.1234F
Detroit Dark Angels00000
Boston Renegades341414062

Scoring Log

        DET BOS
Q1 12:49 BOS Chanté Bonds #21, 1-yard ruTD (Vanessa Aukshunas #40 kick) 0 7
  9:22 BOS Adrienne Smith #10, 57-yard reTD from Allison Cahill #7 (Aukshunas kick) 0 14
  5:22 BOS Bonds, 4-yard ruTD (Aukshunas kick) 0 21
  2:05 BOS Bonds, 3-yard ruTD (Mariette Martinez #81 kick) 0 28
  0:00 BOS Emily Beinecke #87, 4-yard pass from Cahill (Martinez kick failed) 0 34
Q2 13:43 BOS Adrienne Smith, 16-yard reTD from Cahill (Aukshunas kick) 0 41
  4:46 BOS Kathryn Tylander #15, 10-yard reTD from Cahill (Martinez kick) 0 48
Q3 11:00 BOS Stephanie Pascual #3, 2-yard ruTD (Aukshunas kick) 0 55
  2:28 BOS Mariette Martinez, 46-yard reTD from Cahill (Martinez kick) 0 62

Game Notes

Players of the Game: Danielle Fournier (defense), Chanté Bonds (offense), Mariette Martinez (spotlight)

Milestones: #40 Vanessa Aukshunas scored her first career point on a PAT. #81 Mariette Martinez scored her first career point (PAT) and first touchdown. #46 Hannah Jennings made her first career fumble recovery. It is confirmed that Allison Cahill has surpassed a milestone of 1,500 pass completions in her career. Since completion records for 22 games in Cahill’s career are incomplete, it is likely she surpassed the mark in the 2018 or 2019 season.

Previous game vs. opponent: (Historical) Detroit Danger 48, Massachusetts Mutiny 30 at Pine-Richland Stadium, Gibsonia, Pa., 7/27/2002
Previous game at site: none
Renegades record vs. opponent: 1-0

Odds status (Massey) : favorite (-40)
Win probability (Massey) : 91%

Photos: Mitzi Velez Lorenzana


Boston Detroit
Total Plays 49 30
Total Yards 458 7
Passing Yards 293 2
Rushing Yards 165 5
First Downs22 0
3rd Downs2-5 (40%) 0-8 (0%)
4th Downs1-1 (100%) 0-1 (0%)
Turnovers 0 5
Penalties 6/20 4/28

Allison Cahill #7 — 17/21, 287 yds, 5 TD. Rating 158.333
Heather Marini #6 — 2/2, 6 yds. Rating 79.167

Chanté Bonds #21 — 13/106, long of 29, 3TD
Alison Gauvin #5 — 5/43, long of 28
Heather Marini #6 — 4/8, long of 11
Kate Falkowski #20 — 1/6
Stephanie Pascual #3 — 1/2, TD

Adrienne Smith #10 — 3/92, long of 57, 2TD
Stephanie Pascual #3 — 6/85, long of 20
Mariette Martinez #81 — 2/51, long of 45, TD
Emily Beinecke #87 — 4/38, long of 22, TD
Chanté Bonds #21 — 1/17
Kathryn Tylander #15 — 1/10, TD
Alison Gauvin #5 — 1/0
Kyshani Dummott #4 — 1/0


#70 Danielle Fournier4.526.52.51.511
#52 Allie Genereux448111
#23 Spring Gamble325
#24 Briannah Gallo2.535.5
#89 Christina Riggieri2350.50.51
#14 Jessica Belsito1.534.5
#47 Erica Adams1.512.5
#30 Erin Diette1111
#13 Shannon Singletary111
#9 Tori Noda123
#5 Shantia Creech1231
#20 Katherine Falkowski123
#46 Hannah Jennings1231
#44 Samantha Bloom123
#53 Deanna Walsh123
#57 Lisa Swanson0.511.5
#67 Ashley Trombley0.511.5
#72 Laura Pula0.511.5
#66 Stephanie Jeffers0.511.5
#36 Charlene Casey1

Extra Points:
Vanessa Aukshunas #40 — 5/5, 5 Pts
Mariette Martinez #81 — 3/4, 3 Pts

Field Goals: None attempted

Mariette Martinez #81 — 6/240, long of 61
Vanessa Aukshunas #40 — 4/177, long of 64

Kickoff Recoveries:
Kyshani Dummott #4

Kickoff Returns:
Kyshani Dummott #4 — 1/15

Punt Returns:
Briannah Gallo #24 — 1/15
Megan McFadden #84 — 2/21, long of 14