Earnin' It : The NFL's Forward Progress

Allison Cahill spotlighted in “Earnin’ It: The NFL’s Forward Progress”

February 1, 2022

Boston Renegades quarterback Allison Cahill was featured prominently in the premiere episode of Earnin’ It: The NFL’s Forward Progress. It is streaming presently on Peacock TV.

Earnin’ It: The NFL’s Forward Progress is a five-part docuseries from NFL Films narrated by Grammy-winning singer-songwriter Ciara. The show takes an up-close-and-personal look at the women who have stormed the previously all-male bastion of tackle football and examines their rise to prominence and their pathways to success.

To curate footage for the show, NFL Films visited Cahill in Boston and followed her in Canton, Ohio during the Women’s Football Alliance (WFA) National Championship Weekend. In the first episode, “The Pipeline,” Cahill discusses what it really means to be a female tackle football player, including the vast differences in rewards and recognition as compared to playing in the NFL. The film crew joined the Renegades for their remarkable flight to Canton, Ohio aboard AirKraft, and followed Cahill through the Pro Football Hall of Fame in advance of the WFA Pro National Championship Game.

In addition to Cahill, other well-known and accomplished figures from the women’s tackle football world were featured. Included are NFL Replay Assistant Desiree Abrams, Cleveland Browns Chief of Staff Callie Brownson, Washington Commanders Assistant Running Backs Coach Jennifer King and Tampa Bay Buccaneers Assistant Defensive Line Coach Lori Locust. Cahill’s teammate Adrienne Smith is also interviewed in the episode.

“They share an intense passion and intellect for the game of football,” says executive coproducer Jane Skinner Goodell. “Their drive to be the best is inspiring. What an honor to tell their stories.”

The docuseries is based on an iHeartRadio audio podcast of the same name that is hosted by NFL’s Senior Director of Diversity & Inclusion Sam Rapoport. Rapoport also figures prominently in the telecast.

The show originally aired on January 23, 2022 on Peacock TV, NBC’s streaming channel. Peacock TV not only features NBC’s network content, but also offers exclusive content  like Earnin’ It to their subscribers.

Allison Cahill, Earnin' It, NFL Films
Allison Cahill is interviewed by NFL Films before a team practice at Harry Della Russo Stadium in Revere, Mass. (Screenshot courtesy of NFL Films)