Christina Riggieri makes an interception against the NY Sharks
Line backer Christina Riggieri #89 hauls in an interception against the New York Sharks on May 12, 2018. ©Mitzi Velez Lorenzana

Boston Renegades Silence N.Y. Sharks 21-0

May 12, 2018

BROOKLYN — May 12, 2018 — Running back Angelica Pascual #1 amassed 116 rushing yards and Boston’s defense dominated as the Renegades shut out the New York Sharks 21-0, in a game called in the third quarter due to lightning.

Veteran cornerback Briannah Gallo #24 intercepted Sharks quarterback Karen Mulligan to end the New York’s first drive. Rookie linebacker Christina Riggieri #89 later collected her first career interception and third-year defensive end Crissy Gonzalez McAllister #60 made her first career fumble recovery. The Renegades also made an impressive goal-line stand to sink New York’s only scoring threat of the game, engulfing the Sharks on six consecutive plays inside the 3-yard line. Combining for two sacks and 6 tackles-for-losses, Boston held the Sharks to -7 rushing yards for the night.

The Sharks’ turnovers and inability to move the ball on the ground gave a strong advantage to Boston’s offense, which outsnapped their opponents 61-35. On the first scoring drive of the night, mid way through the first quarter, Angelica Pascual ran with authority between the tackles, often slashing her way past defenders. She accounted for 43 yards on the drive, and capped with a 2-yard touchdown plunge.

In the second period, quarterback Allison Cahill #7 accounted for two touchdowns, first connecting with tight end Stephanie Pascual #3 for a 26-yard scoring strike, and then scrambling ten yards to cross the stripe just before halftime. Kicker Brooke Goodman #97 was perfect on extra point kicks.

In the third quarter, the Renegades put together another long drive and were threatening to score again when the officials paused for a lightning delay. The game was subsequently called due to safety concerns. The game is official, a 21-0 victory for the Renegades.

Boston (4-1) next faces the D.C. Divas (2-2) at Marvin F. Wilson Stadium at Prince George’s Athletic Complex in Landover, Md. The Renegades’ next home game will be June 2 against the Baltimore Nighthawks.

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Broadcast Video

First and second quarters

Third quarter until lightning delay

Box Score

Aviator Sports Complex, Brooklyn, N.Y.1234F
Boston Renegades714021
New York000

Scoring Log

Q1 – BOS Angelica Pascual #1, 2-yard ruTD (Brooke Goodman #97 kick)

Q2 – BOS Stephanie Pascual #3, 26-yard reTD from Allison Cahill #7 (B. Goodman #97 kick)
BOS A. Cahill, 10-yard ruTD (B. Goodman #97 kick)

Game Notes

Game Day Captain: Danielle Fournier #70

Milestones: Crissy Gonzalez McAllister #60 made her first career fumble recovery. Christina Riggieri #89 made her first career interception.

Previous game vs. opponent: (Boston Militia) 47-0 victory, 5/4/2013
Previous game at site: (Boston Militia) 47-0 victory, 5/4/2013
Renegades record vs. opponent: 1-0

Odds status (Massey) : Favorite -7.5
Win probability (Massey) : 68%

Photos: Mitzi Velez Lorenzana



 BostonNew York
Total Plays6135
Total Yards25381
Passing Yards8888
Rushing Yards165-7
First Downs175
3rd Downs4-10 (4-%)1-7 (14%)
4th Downs0-2 (0%)0-1 (0%)

Allison Cahill #7 — 7/17, 88 yds, TD. Rating 77.574

Angelica Pascual #1 – 21/116, long of 14, TD
Allison Cahill #7 — 5/22, long of 15, TD
Sue Sheldon #22 — 7/13, Long of 7
Jessica Penta #85 – 1/8
Chanté Bonds #21 — 3/6, long of 4

Emily Beinecke #87 — 3/38, long of 17
Stephanie Pascual #3 — 2/34, long of 26, TD
Kathryn Tylander #15 — 2/16, long of 11

Allie Genereux #52 — 5 Tk, 5 Ast, Sck, 4TFL
Jessica Penta #85 — 2 Tk
Jessica Cabrera #54 — 1 Tk, 1 Ast, Sck, TFL
Christina Riggieri #89 — 1 Tk, TFL, INT
Sami Bloom #44 — 1 Tk, 1 Ast
Mia Brickhouse #18 — 1 Tk, 1 Ast
Chanté Bonds #21 — 1 Tk
Brooke Goodman #97 — 2 Ast
Vicky Eddy #45 — 2 Ast
Danielle Fournier #70 — 2 Ast
Briannah Gallo #24 — 1 Ast, INT
Lakia Carter #71 — 1 Ast
Stephanie Pascual #3 — 1 Ast
Koreen Shoham #55 — 1 Ast
Crissy Gonzalez McAllister #60 — FUM

Extra Points: Brooke Goodman #97 3/3