Fournier and Roberts of Boston take down Congialdi of D.C. 69-32
Boston's Donny Fournier #70 and Mina Roberts #65 collaborate to sack quarterback Amanda Congialdi in the Renegades' 69-32 victory over the D.C. Divas on June 11, 2022. © Mitzi Velez  Lorenzana

Boston pounds D.C. 69-32, pushes ahead to conference championship

June 11, 2022

Renegades rushers rolled up 359 yards and seven touchdowns to pace Boston’s playoff victory over the D.C. Divas this Saturday in the first round of the Women’s Football Alliance playoffs. For the third time this season, the Renegades hung 60 or more points on the Divas. This victory puts Boston in the league semifinals, one win away from the WFA Pro National Championship in Canton, Ohio.

Boston’s offensive line dominated as they have done all season. Running backs Tytti Kuusinen and Ruth Matta each had three scores. Quarterback Allison Cahill passed for three TDs, while Stephanie Pascual had both a receiving and a rushing touchdown. Meanwhile, the Renegades defense collected three sacks and seven TFLs, and linebacker Christina Riggieri snatched an interception.

With two TDs on six touches, Pascual had her busiest day since the season opener when she had eight catches. She has been working her way back from an injury that kept her sidelined or limited for three mid-season games. On the opening drive, Pascual reeled in a 15-yard pass and followed it with a 5-yard rush across the stripe to open the scoring for Boston.

The Divas were able to respond immediately with their own scoring drive. Effective rushes by Hermonie Buckman, Whitney Simms, and Jennell Thomas set up two deep passes by Amanda Congialdi to Lexie Floor and Shaquanda Gainey. Gainey’s 31-yard catch was good for a touchdown. Without a reliable kicker on their roster, D.C. attempted 2-point conversions after all five of their touchdowns. They were successful only once.

As the first quarter wore on, Kuusinen asserted herself, rushing for 47 yards and a spike to complete the next drive. After D.C.’s Congialdi and Gainey made the score 14-12 on a 36-yard connection, Kuusinen added another 34 rushing yards and a touchdown. 

Pascual hauled in her second touchdown of the game just before halftime. The score at the break was 28-12 in favor of Boston.

Kuusinen finished the game with 179 yards on the ground. She also collected a 15-yard touchdown reception in the third quarter. Pascual finished with 41 receiving yards, just behind Sarah Tully who led Boston’s receivers with 44 yards. Tully and Allie Guimaraes, Boston’s PAT kickers, were a combined 9-for-10, with one of Tully’s attempts being blocked. 

Matta compiled 160 yards on the ground with most coming in the second half. She opened the third quarter scoring with an electrifying 41-yard rush, following perfectly executed blocking from the line of scrimmage to the goal line. Matta would score twice more in the final quarter.

Although D.C. found success passing downfield, it wasn’t enough to keep pace with Boston’s offense which scored on all but one possession. But Shaquanda Gainey topped the 100-yard mark and scored three TDs for the Divas. D.C.’s 32 points was the most scored in a game against Boston this season.

The Road To Canton

The Renegades will face the Pittsburgh Passion in the WFA National Conference Championship on Saturday, June 25th at Harry Della Russo Stadium in Revere, Mass. Pittsburgh defeated the Tampa Bay Inferno 27-21 in overtime for the right to face Boston for a league championship berth. The 6 pm game will be telecasted on FTF, Next Level Sports, YouTube and RevereTV.


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Box score

Harry della Russo Stadium, Revere, Mass.1234F
D.C. Divas6661432
Boston Renegades1414132869

scoring log

110:29BOSStephanie Pascual 5-yard rushing TD (Sarah Tully kick)07
5:19DCShaquanda Gainey 31-yard receiving TD from Amanda Congialdi (PAT no good)67
0:48BOSTytti Kuusinen 3-yard rushing TD (Sarah Tully kick)614
212:29DCShaquanda Gainey 36-yard receiving TD from Amanda Congialdi (PAT no good)1214
10:19BOSTytti Kuusinen 6-yard rushing TD (Sarah Tully kick)1221
0:26BOSStephanie Pascual 2-yard receiving TD from Allison Cahill (Sarah Tully kick)1228
312:37BOSRuth Matta 41-yard rushing TD (Sarah Tully kick)1235
7:00BOSTytti Kuusinen 15-yard receiving TD from Allison Cahill (Sarah Tully kick blocked)1241
0:36DCAmanda Congialdi 1-yard rushing TD (PAT no good)1841
414:52BOSChante Bonds 34-yd receiving TD from Allison Cahill (Allie Guimaraes kick)1848
11:51BOSKatie Falkowski 1-yard rushing TD (Allie Guimaraes kick)1855
11:21DCShaquanda Gainey 28-yard receiving TD from Amanda Congialdi (2pt Hermonie Buckman)2655
6:05BOSRuth Matta 10-yard rushing TD (Allie Guimaraes kick)2662
3:48DCLexie Floor 31-yard receiving TD from Amanda Congialdi (PAT no good)3262
0:07BOSRuth Matta 3-yard rushing TD (Allie Guimaraes kick)3269

game notes

Game Day Captain: Solina Pascual #40 and Hillary Crook #75

Previous game vs. opponent: Renegades 60, Divas 28, Harry Della Russo Stadium, Revere, Mass., 5/21/2022
Previous game vs. opponent at this site: Renegades 60, Divas 28, 5/21/2022
Renegades record vs. opponent: 13-6

Odds status (Massey) : favorite (-28)
Win probability (Massey) : 84%

Photos: Mitzi Velez Lorenzana

Broadcast: FTF Next and RevereTV, Luis Sanchez and Kathy Schwartz announcing

team totals

Total Plays7363
Total Yards563345
Passing Yards204251
Rushing Yards35994
First Downs2917
Third Downs5-86-12
Fourth Downs2-31-3
Fumbles Lost00
Interceptions Thrown01
Penalty Yards7236


#7 Allison Cahill196152365.22%13.13034131.52
#82 Jackie Lane82366.67%4.000970.14
#31 Heather Marini0000.00%0.000


#46 Tytti Kuusinen1791710.52820
#22 Ruth Matta1601411.44230
#20 Katherine Falkowski2173.01510
#3 Stephanie Pascual515.0510
#31 Heather Marini-61-6.0-600


#11 Sarah Tully4423022.0020
#3 Stephanie Pascual415158.2160
#21 Chanté Bonds3413434.0120
#6 Renate Meckl233127.7050
#20 Katie Falkowski2022110.0020
#10 Adrienne Smith182159.0030
#46 Tytti Kuusinen1511515.0110
#4 Kyshani Dummott9199.0010
#83 J.J. Seiles00020
#22 Ruth Matta00010


#23 S. Gamble65113
#70 D. Fournier43711
#9 K. Ellison404
#30 E. Diette31411
#81 M. Martinez213
#24 B. Gallo213
#13 S. Singletary21311
#5 T. Creech213--2
#6 R. Meckl123
#36 C. Casey1451
#89 C. Riggieri123---1
#32 K. Gailiunas123
#53 D. Walsh112
#47 E. Adams101
#4 K. Dummott033
#65 M. Roberts044
#44 M. Sacristan Benjet033
#38 K. Stone022
#40 S. Pascual011
#2 C. Glynn011
#37 S. Lyons000--1

Special teams

#11 Sarah Tully5683%
#79 Allie Guimaraes44100%
#81 Mariette Martinez1035835.85001
#4 Kyshani Dumott3186.02800
#5 Tee Creech220102800
#13 Shannon Singletary122222200
#9 K. Ellison125252500