Satoria Bell #4 tips away a pass intended for a D.C. Divas receiver. Bell also scored three touchdowns on offense for Boston when the teams met on 6/15/2019. The Boston Renegades won 62-32. ©Mitzi Vélez Lorenzana

Renegades clinch top playoff seed with 62-32 victory over Divas

June 15, 2019

June 15, 2019

REVERE – Wide receiver Satoria Bell #4 flexed her way to three touchdown receptions and running back Ruth Matta #22 exploded for three rushing scores and a punt return touchdown as the Renegades downed the D.C. Divas 62-32. With the victory, Boston finished the regular season undefeated, securing the top seed and home field advantage in the playoffs.

The first half was a seesaw battle between the archrivals. The Renegades drew first blood on an 8-yard rushing touchdown by Matta. The Divas responded with a touchdown pass by Amanda Congialdi to Jazmine Gainey, but the extra point attempt missed leaving Boston with a one-point lead. From 18 yards out, Matta crossed the stripe again, and when the first quarter expired, the Renegades lead the Divas 13-6.

Curtina Pope of the Divas hauled in touchdown reception to start the second quarter, but D.C. was unable to take the lead with a two-point conversion attempt. Boston’s Matta then scored her third rushing touchdown of the game, and #8 Sarah Tully‘s kick gave the Renegades a 20-12 lead. D.C.’s Gainey notched her second receiving touchdown of the game to narrow the score to 20-18, but with only seconds remaining in the half, Renegades wide receiver Adrienne Smith #10 caught the first of #7 Allison Cahill‘s five touchdown passes. Boston entered halftime with a 27-18 lead.

Big plays helped Boston’s offense outpace the Divas in the second half with some help from the Renegades defense. On the opening drive of the second half, a sack by Allie Genereux #52 helped the Divas to a three-and-out, and the elusive Matta returned D.C.’s punt 52 yards into the end zone. On their next drive, D.C. turned the ball over on downs following tipped passes by Kristen Sarson #67 and Penny Fagnani #62.

Taking over on offense, Renegades running back Angelica Pascual #1 lit up the field on two plays — a 32-yard screen pass reception and a 28-yard rush — to put Boston at the 1 yard line; Cahill connected with Satoria Bell for a score on the next play.

Now down 41-18, the Divas put together a drive from midfield culminating in a 16-yard touchdown reception by Kentrina Wilson. But another big play by Boston — a 52-yard touchdown pass to Bell — put the Renegades ahead 48-24 at the end of the third quarter.

Early in the final frame, Genereux collected the Divas’ only turnover of the game, jumping on top of a lateral pass that fell to the turf at the D.C. 16-yard line. A few snaps later, Cahill found Tully over the middle for a 12-yard score. On the next drive, D.C. would score its final points of the game as Congialdi connected with wide receiver Kasee Hilliard from the 12-yard line. Gainey then pulled in a two-point reception, but it was too little too late. The Renegades made their last drive to take the clock down to 4 minutes, capping the scoring with a passing touchdown to Bell. The final score would be 62-32 in favor of Boston. D.C. moved the ball downfield during the final drive of the game, but the game ended with a sack by Danielle Fournier #70.

With the victory, defensive back Adrienne Smith #10 reached a milestone of 100 victories earned on the gridiron. Originally a member of the 2006 New York Sharks, Smith collected 32 victories in New York before joining the Boston Militia and Boston Renegades. She is a two-time WFA National Champion, and twice a Gold Medal winner with Team USA. She joins Vicky Eddy, Amy Saur, Jennifer Olivieri, Allison Cahill, Shana Segers, Jessica Cabrera, Charlene Casey, Amanda Alpert, Mia Brickhouse, and Briannah Gallo as a member of Boston Women’s Football’s “100 Club”.

The Renegades next face the D.C. Divas in the WFA National Conference Finals at Harry Della Russo Stadium in Revere on Saturday June 29. The winner will advance to the league championship game in Denver, Colorado.

Box Score

Harry Della Russo Stadium, Revere, Mass. 1 2 3 4 F
Boston Renegades 13 14 21 14 62
D.C. Divas 6 12 6 8 32

Scoring Log

Q1 BOS Ruth Matta #22, 9-yard ruTD (Sarah Tully #11 kick)
DC Shaquanda Gainey #83, 5-yard reTD from Amanda Congialdi #6 (Jessica Johnson #10 kick missed)
BOS R Matta, 18-yard ruTD (S. Tully kick missed)
Q2 DC Remy Olinzock #23, 25-yard reTD from A. Congialdi (2PT failed)
BOS R. Matta, 3-yard ruTD (S. Tully kick)
DC S. Gainey, 15-yard reTD from A. Congialdi (2PT failed)
BOS Adrienne Smith #10, 18-yard reTD from Allison Cahill #7 (S. Tully kick)
Q3 BOS R. Matta, 52-yard punt retTD (S. Tully kick)
BOS Satoria Bell #4, 1-yard reTD from A. Cahill (S. Tully kick)
DC Kentrina Wilson #85, 16-yard reTD from A. Congialdi (2PT failed)
BOS S. Bell, 52-yard reTD from A. Cahill (S. Tully kick)
Q4 BOS S. Tully, 12-yard reTD from A. Cahill (S. Tully kick)
DC Kasee Hilliard #81, 12-yard reTD from A. Congialdi (2PT good, A. Congialdi to S. Gainey)
BOS S. Bell, 4-yard reTD from A. Cahill (S. Tully kick)

Game Notes

Game Day Captain: Kristen Sarson #67

  • Adrienne Smith #10 reached a milestone of 100 victories earned on the gridiron.

Previous game vs. opponent: Boston Renegades 37, D.C. Divas 32, 4/27/2019
Renegades record vs. opponent: 7-6
Previous game at site: Boston Renegades 91, Philadelphia Phantomz 0

Odds status (Massey) : Favorite (-5.5)
Win probability (Massey) : 63%

Photos: Mitzi Velez Lorenzana


Boston D.C.
Total Plays 60 96
Total Yards 446 405
Passing Yards 239 367
Rushing Yards 207 38
First Downs 23 28
3rd Downs 9-12 (75%) 8-17 (47%)
4th Downs 1-2 (50%) 3-7 (43%)
Turnovers 1 1
Penalties 3/19 11/86

Allison Cahill #7 — 18/29, 239 yds, 5 TD. Rating 127.730

Ruth Matta #22 — 15/108, long of 23, 3 TD
Angelica Pascual #1 — 14/99, long of 28

Adrienne Smith #10 — 8/79, long of 24, TD, FUM
Satoria Bell #4 — 4/65, long of 52, 3 TD
Angelica Pascual #1 — 2/42, long of 35
Sarah Tully #11 — 3/39, long of 25, TD
Ruth Matta #22 — 1/14

Tee Creech #5 — 7 Tk, 2 Ast, TFL, PD
Sami Bloom #44 — 6 Tk, 1 Ast
Vanessa Goh #26 — 5 Tk
Allie Genereux #52 — 4 Tk, 4 Ast, 1 Sck, 1 TFL, FUM
Briannah Gallo #24 — 3 Tk, 3 Ast
Andrea Fullmore #14 — 3 Tk, 2 Ast, 1 Sck, 2 TFL
Danielle Fournier #70 — 3 Tk, 2 Ast, 1 Sck, 1 TFL
Deanna Walsh #53 — 3 Tk, 1 Ast, 1 Sck, 1 TFL
Satoria Bell #4 — 2 Tk, 1 Ast
Lauren Yung #8 — 2 Tk, 1 Ast, PD
Penny Fagnani #62 — 1 Tk, 1 Ast, PD
Tori Noda #9 — 1 Tk
Christina Riggieri #89 — 1 Tk
Mocha Torres #13 — 1 Tk
Kristen Sarson #67 — 3 Ast
Danielle Harrison #92 — 2 Ast
Charlene Casey #36 — 2 Ast
Laura Pula #72 — 1 Ast

Extra Points: Sarah Tully #11 8/9
Kickoffs: Vanessa Goh #26, 10/431, long of 65, 1 TB
Punts: Vanessa Goh #26, 1/39
Punt returns: Ruth Matta #22, 1/53, 1 TD