Boston Renegades at Tampa Bay Inferno, Sickles High School, Tampa, Fla. 4/23/2022 © Molly Goodwin

Renegades top Tampa Bay 47-0

April 23, 2022

Mark Simón, Boston Renegades Staff

TAMPA FL — Tytti Kuusinen rushed for 101 yards and three touchdowns as the Boston Renegades doused the Tampa Bay Inferno. Allison Cahill tossed three touchdown passes.

Continuing their ground assault from the previous week, the Renegades opened with ten rushing plays. Halfback Ruth Matta and fullback Kuusinen paced the attack, with Cahill gaining a fourth-down conversion to keep the opening drive alive. Receiver Renate Meckl took a shovel pass from Cahill, sprinted to the right pylon and reached just across the stripe as she was being brought down by a Tampa Bay defender. Sarah Tully notched the extra point and Boston took the lead 7-0.

It was a lead the Renegades would not relinquish. The Inferno, who put up 76 points the week prior, were unable to establish their own run game. Boston’s defensive line and linebackers contained Tampa Bay to only short gains on the ground. Linebacker Spring Gamble shined with 9 combined tackles, and Nose Tackle Laura Pula twice wrapped up rushers behind the line of scrimmage. The Inferno gained only 12 yards on 11 carries in the first half.

Meanwhile, Boston added more passing on their second drive. Receivers Meckl, Tully, and Kyshani Dummott pulled in a combined 5 passes for 36 yards. Matta and Kuusinen rushed seven times for 34 yards. Kuusinen found paydirt from one yard out, her first of three touchdowns in the game. Tully’s kick made it 14-0. Tully finished a perfect 4-of-4 on PAT kicks, while also contributing 33 yards on three catches.

The Renegades scored again on their final drive of the first half, with Matta reaching the end zone on a 24-yard catch and run.

After halftime, Tampa Bay turned to their passing game, down 21-0. With Candace Pistole replacing Kim Shaw under center, Tampa Bay gained 67 yards through the air in the second half. The yardage did not translate into any points, however. And the Inferno’s best scoring opportunity — a deep pass into single coverage near the end zone was intercepted by Renegades Defensive Back KD Ellison, the first of her career.

On offense, Kuusinen lead a short drive capped by a 17-yard rumble into the end zone. Following a successful kick by Tully, Boston was ahead 28-0.

A 14-yard catch and run by running back Katie Falkowski helped set up a 27-yard touchdown reception by Dummott. Both are second-year players. Dummott lead the team with 9 receptions for 76 yards, both career highs. 

Falkowski and Latoya Saulters took turns at running back for the remainer of the game, though Kuusinen retuned for the final scoring drive when Heather Marini came in for Cahill at quarterback. Saulters finished with 18 rushing yards and a spike while Falkowski compiled 48 total yards on 11 touches. 

Tampa Bay and Boston are not scheduled to meet again this season, though a playoff matchup is possible. In 2021, the Renegades defeated the Inferno in the American Conference Championship Game.

Now 2-0, Boston will return to their home field next Saturday to face the Detroit Venom (1-1).

Box score

Sickles High School, Tampa, Fla.1234F
Boston Renegades147131347
Tampa Bay Inferno00000

scoring log

18:49BOSRenate Meckyl #6 3-yard receiving TD from Allison Cahill #7 (Sarah Tully #11 kick)07
2:19BOSTytti Kuusinen #46 1-yard rushing TD (Tully kick)014
21:21BOSRuth Matta 24-yard receiving TD from Cahill (Tully kick)021
310:54BOSKuusinen 17-yard rushing TD (Tully kick)028
BOSKyshani Dummott #4 27-yard receiving TD from Cahill (Allie Guimares #79 kick no good)034
46:40BOSLatoya Saulters #28 3-yard rushing TD (Mariette Martinez #81 kick)041
2:40BOSKuusinen 8-yard rushing TD (Martinez kick no good)047

game notes

Game Day Captain: Renate Meckl #6

Latoya Saulters #28: first career touchdown
KD Ellison #9: first career interception

Previous game vs. opponent: Renegades 63, Inferno 3. Harry Della Russo Stadium, Revere, Mass. 6/10/2021
Previous game at site: First game at this site
Renegades record vs. opponent: 4-0

Odds status (Massey) : favorite (-20)
Win probability (Massey) : 70%


team totals

Total Plays7748
Total Yards379134
Passing Yards15988
Rushing Yards22046
First Downs256
Third Downs6-1111
Fourth Downs3-51-7
Fumbles Lost00
Interceptions Thrown01
Penalty Yards2814


#7 Allison Cahill159212777.78%7.63027128.24


#46 Tytti Kuusinen101195.31830
#22 Ruth Matta59105.91500
#20 Katherine Falkowski34103.41000
#28 Latoya Saulters1844.51110
#7 Allison Cahill842.01200


#4 Kyshani Dummott769278.4110
#11 Sarah Tully3331311.003
#22 Ruth Matta2822414.012
#20 Katie Falkowski1411414.002
#83 JJ Seiles6253.004
#6 Renate Meckl3133.011
#28 Latoya Saulters-11-1.001


#23 S. Gamble279
#32 K. Gailiunas1561
#36 C. Casey066
#21 C. Bonds3251
#40 S. Pascual1341
#72 L. Pula2132
#5 T. Creech1232
#30 E. Diette033
#70 D. Fournier112
#2 C. Glynn1121
#53 D. Walsh022
#19 L. Vincent022
#9 K. Ellison0221
#65 M. Roberts1121
#60 A. Fagnani1011
#81 M. Martinez101
#4 K. Dummott011
#6 R. Meckl011
#37 S. Lyons0001

Special teams

#11 Sarah Tully44100%
#81 Mariette Martinez1250%
#79 Allie Guimares010%
#81 Mariette Martinez626243.74700
#11 Sarah Tully272364701
#4 Kyshani Dumott116161600
#53 Deanna Walsh155500